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Mon, May 6, 2013

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The Startup Writer

The world is your blank slate.


Oh but if only you could make people see that because right now, no one gets you.


So what? Can you blame them?


Fuggedaboutthem, eh?





This is where ya oughtta be. Every day. All day. Past “shitty drafts” #s 1 and #2:


Image by MorgueFile











After all, you really want your manuscript to end up here, don’t you? So this guy gets tickled and decides to make this call:










The call that will land you here, in your publisher’s conference roomall dressed up and feeling huppy and stuff. Awww shuuttt.













Don’t get too caught up though, because let’s face it, right now you’re here:












And here–Damn!–:















Lots of alone time, sometimes spent here:















And when you can’t focus, you get a dose of caffeine here:











In the meantime, you lose clueless friends. You’ve gotten downgraded from their “A” club because you and your no-good manuscript can’t help anybody right now. Whaat???


So you start to lose sleep.

Then energy.

And then patience.


Sureee. G’head and do that ya bum. Throw the pity party, waah waah.


Don’t you DARE lose  motivation.

You know why. Because.


Oh alright, I’ll say it. Because in the the long run, you could end up here–all over the world:












Or, you could  physically be all over the world feeling like this:












Need I say more?


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(Images courtesy of Morgue File)







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  • Chris

    Say a lot without saying much eh? Thumbs up. Sending this to the group.

    • Cheryl Isaac


  • JoshG

    Guy with the face in his hands, now that would be me. Hello.

    • Cheryl Isaac

      You don’t say.

  • Bill

    Dirty chai baby! (I’m assuming that’s what’s in that cup??)

    • Cheryl Isaac

      It looks like caramel something. Latte maybe? But what do I know.